•    Alonso Mudarra
                  Fantasia X 
    •    Luys de Narváez    
                  Canción del Emperador 
                  Diferencias sobre Guárdame las vacas
    •    John Dowland 
                  Earl of Essex, His galliard  

    •    J S Bach
                Suite no.2 in A minor, BWV 997
                Passagio-Presto, Allemande and   
                 Bourrée from BWV 996
                Prelude from BWV 1007
    •    Santiago de Murcia
                Prelude and Allegro
                Allegro and Gigue
    •    Domenico Scarlatti
                 Sonata K 11

Classical and Romantic
    •    Fernando Sor
                   Les Adieux
                    Variations on a theme of Mozart
                    A selection of Etudes
    •    Mauro Giuliani
                      Grand Overture, Op.61
    •    Napoleon Coste
    •    Francisco Tárrega
                      Recuerdos de l'Alhambra
                      Estudio Brillante
                      Grand Vals
                      Capricho Arabe 

Twentieth century
    •    Emilio Pujol
                  El Abejorro
    •    Augustin Barrios
                  La Catedral
                  Julia Florida
    •    Heitor Villa-lobos
                 Etude No. 1,2,11
                 Prelude 1,3,4
                 Choros no. 1
    •    Manuel de Falla
                Homenaje (Le

                tombeau de Debussy)
    •    Manuel Ponce
                  Thème varié et finale
    •    Miguel Llobet
                   El testamen de n'Amelia 
    •    Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
                    Sonate Op.77
    •    Joachim Turina
                    Hommage à Tárrega
    •    Vicente Asencio
                    Suite de homenajes 
    •    Federico Moreno Torroba
    •    Maurice Ohana
    •    Leo Brouwer
                     El Decameron Negro
                     Un dia de noviembre
    •    Sergio Assad

Music producer, composer, singer, guitarist

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​​​​​Santanu started playing the guitar at the age of 15 and was largely self-taught during the initial years. His guitar music is unique with an effort to capture the spirit of Indian music within the Spanish instrument. A decisive point in his career as a guitarist was the meeting with the French lutist and guitarist François Martin in 2011 in Paris, with whom he studied for four years and completed the D.E.M. (Diplôme d'Étude Musicale) and L.T.C.L (Licentiate of Trinity College London) in guitar performance. Santanu also took Chamber Music lessons with the French violinist Jacques Maillard and played with various instrumental ensembles.

Santanu plays a variety of musical styles on the classical guitar and often collaborates with different performers. Santanu has performed at various venues in France and India and composed several pieces for the instrument