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Santanu Datta is a music producer, composer,  guitarist, singer and music educator whose  musical ventures extend from the Jhumur of Bengal to the contemporary classical music of Europe, in the quest of his personal sound. 

After graduating from the Indian Institute of Technology in 2011, Santanu moved to Paris to study Western Art Music and received training in Composition, Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, Orchestration, Analysis, Guitar and Chamber music from distinguished musicians like Edith Lejet, Stéphane Delplace, Anthony Girard, Narcis Bonet and others. In 2016, Santanu completed the Diplôme Supérieur (Masters) in Composition from the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris with unanimous voting of the jury. Santanu also studied the Classical Guitar performance extensively and holds Diplôme d'Etude Musicale (D.E.M.) from the Conservatoire de Ville-d'Avray and L.T.C.L. from the Trinity College London. Santanu has received various scholarships for his musical studies and his works have been performed by musicians from all over the world. 

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​​It should never have happened! The path was set! The tempting career of an IIT graduate lying ahead, it was his love for music, that made him chose the path less travelled by and that has made all the difference!

Born in a family of doctors in 1988, Santanu grew up in a musical environment in a small town in West Bengal, Purulia. Santanu's musical journey began very early, at the tender age of 5, with his mother, a passionate singer of Hindustani Classical music. Santanu's childhood days were filled with the melodies of Tagore, the rhythms of tabla and the  practice of Sargam and the Ragas! Though the fascinating world of Western art music dominates Santanu's professional space now, the influence of those early days remain omnipresent in all his musical efforts! ​During his adolescence, Santanu discovered the Classical Guitar by chance and eventually fell in love with it. His teenage tryst with the instrument continued until it became his passion. In 2009, without a teacher, Santanu became the highest scorer among all instrumentalists in the eastern India in ABRSM grade 8 Guitar exam.  

It takes great courage to pack your bags for an unknown land and uncertain future, and that's exactly  what Santanu did in 2011. Against all odds, he decided to go to Paris for music studies! In retrospect, his journey from the land of red soil to one of the most prestigious music schools in Paris - the daring flight to Paris with just a few baggages and his indomitable enthusiasm; is truly  a story to be remembered.

Music producer, composer, singer, guitarist